• Calling Number Delivery (Caller ID)
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call REJECTION
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Selective Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
  • Automatic Call Back
  • Calling Name Delivery
  • Call Waiting ID
  • Per Call Number Privacy
  • Per Line Number Privacy

Calling Number Delivery (Caller ID) Allows the customer to view the telephone number of the calling party. The telephone number is displayed on a customer-provided display device in the interval between the first and second ring. However, the calling party may subscribe to services which will prevent the disclosure of the telephone number. In such instances, a privacy indication will appear on the customer-provided display unit instead of the calling party’s telephone number.

Selective Call Acceptance Allows the subscriber to define a list of calling directory numbers that will be accepted. Any calling numbers not on that list are routed to an announcement stating that the call is not presently being accepted by the calling party. Subscribers can review or change the list of accepted directory numbers as desired. After entering the access code of *64 or 1164, the switch provides the subscriber with the status of the service (active or inactive) and the number of directory numbers on the list.

Selective Call REJECTION Enables the subscriber to specify incoming call directory numbers that are to be denied termination. Rejected calls are given a prerecorded call rejection announcement and are terminated. The subscriber can either enter a directory number directly into the list or direct the switch to add the directory number from the last incoming call to the list. Up to 32 directory numbers can be stored in the Selective Call Rejection List. To activate the service, the subscriber dials *60 or 1160. The subscriber may then change the status of the service (active or inactive) or query or change the screening list.

Selective Call Forwarding Enables the subscriber to designate incoming call directory numbers that are to be forwarded. The subscriber also designates a remote directory number to which the incoming calls are to be forwarded. 32 directory numbers can be stored in the Selective Call Forwarding List by dialing the access code *63 or 1163. The subscriber may change the status of the service (active or inactive) or query or change the screening list.

Selective Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting Enables the subscriber to designate up to 32 directory numbers from which incoming calls are to be identified by distinctive ringing or if the subscriber also has the call waiting feature, by a distinctive call-waiting tone. By dialing the access code *61 or 1161, the subscriber can change the status of the service (active or inactive) or query or change the screening list.

Automatic Call Back Automatically redials the last outgoing number called after the subscriber activates the service by dialing *66 or 1166. The service can be deactivated by dialing *86 or 1186. Automatic call back applies regardless of whether the original call was answered, unanswered, or encountered a busy tone. The system monitors a busy line for up to 30 minutes and performs a call set up when both the calling and called lines become idle. After activation of the feature the originating and terminating subscribers may place other calls without affecting the Automatic Call Back service status.

Calling Name Delivery Displays the name associated with an incoming directory name. The name is displayed after the first ringing cycle. Name display generally results in quicker recognition than number display and allows the subscriber to answer the call with a personalized greeting. With this service, the subscriber has more specific information upon which to base the decision to answer or not. The date and time of an incoming call are also displayed. Calling Name Delivery service requires a telephone set or an adjunct to the set capable of displaying an alphanumeric set of characters.

Call Waiting ID Identify the call waiting caller before you interrupt your current conversation.

Per Call Number Privacy Per call blocking allows callers in areas where their telephone numbers could be displayed to Caller ID subscribers to block the display of their telephone number – whenever they choose – by dialing *67 or 1167. There is no need to pre-subscribe to free per call blocking service. It is provided automatically by dialing *67 or 1167 prior to placing a call.

Per Line Number Privacy Per line blocking automatically prevents the telephone number from being displayed on a Caller ID device on all calls placed from a subscriber’s telephone line. The charge for this service will not exceed the charge for non-published number service and that anyone already paying for a non-published number can subscribe to per line blocking free of charge. Callers can unblock their privacy status on a per call basis by dialing *82 or 1182.

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE: I.B.S. (Integrated Business Service): is available for businesses with two or more lines and includes all the Custom Calling Services. This service also has Call Pick Up, Call Transfer, Step Up, Call Hold, Conferencing, Intercom, Distinctive Ringing, and Flexible Group Size.

Norstar Key Systems: We install these digital systems sized from one line to 120 lines. This state of the art system is ready for the Signaling System Seven (SS7) also known as CLASS FEATURES. Norstar systems can very likely be installed using your existing inside wire. Call or ask us for a demonstration.