Ottoville Mutual Telephone Services

Custom Calling Features

Custom calling features are optional features designed to enhance basic phone service and simplify your busy life, at an affordable price. Listed below we have provided a link to the custom calling features we offer.

Class Features

The CLASS features allow increased customer control of phone calls. Existing customer lines can be used to provide call management and security services.

Ottoville Tel Long Distance

Dependable Long Distance Service for your home or business from your Local Service Provider.

Telephone Assistance Programs

The Lifeline program provides financial assistance to qualified low-income residents; ensuring them affordable telephone service. A qualified Lifeline customer must choose between a traditional wireline provider or a qualified wireless provider but not both. This Federal benefit program provides discounts on ONE telephone service (wireline or wireless) for qualified low-income consumers.

TOMTC Code of Regulations

For more information please contact the Ottoville office.